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Gina Dilg is a visual artist and musician who brings a unique perspective to traditional American music. As a proud member of the old-time music community, Gina started the "Trad Music Superhero" series to pay tribute to the musicians who have shaped this genre. Her goal is to express a sense of fun and playfulness within the often serious and academic world of traditional music.

The series has inspired a range of merchandise, from stickers to apparel. Today, Gina's art can be found all over the world, bringing joy and inspiration to fans of traditional music. When she's not creating art, Gina can be found performing with her husband Jason Dilg in a musical duo or with the string band The Mustard Cutters. Based in Radford, Virginia, she runs her own graphic design company, Square Dance Agency, and continues to spread the love of traditional music through her art and music.


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