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Gina Dilg Music & Dance

Gina Dilg grew up playing old time fiddle and plays in a number of configurations across Southwest Virginia, including Empty Bottle Stringband, The Mustard Cutters, and Lovely Mountaineers. Her fiddling employs a drive and groove characteristic to the area, inspired by the dancers that call for energetic tunes for flatfoot and square dances. Gina also is dedicated to Appalachian percussive dance styles such as flatfoot, buckdance and clogging, and teaches through workshops and lessons.

The Empty Bottle Stringband

Often Gina sits in as fiddler for Empty Bottle String Band, including Tyler Hughes, Stephanie Woodworth, and Kristal Harmon. 

Empty Bottle String Band on the Floyd Radio Show, December 2023.

The Mustard Cutters

An all-woman stringband with powerful old time tunes and songs, led by Gina Dilg on fiddle, Ashlee Watkins on guitar, Trish Fore on banjo and Brett Morris on bass. The band started up when Gina met and fell in love with Trish and her hard-driving banjo playing. The band aims to highlight the power of women in old time music.


The Mustard Cutters (L-R) Trish Fore, Brett Morris, Gina Dilg, Ashlee Watkins.

The Mustard Cutters at Bristol Rhythm and Roots in 2023.

Percussive Dance

Gina has been told that she "fiddles with her feet," and finds that flatfoot dance brings joy to all involved: dancers, watchers, and musicians. Old time music is made for dancing! Gina enjoys being involved in all the ways dance shows up in the tradition: from instrument/dance duets, performing with bands, getting up with her peers at dance contests, dancing on a full floor with folks of all ages to an energetic string band, and teaching individuals and groups on how to be comfortable on that dance floor. 

Gina teaches workshops and lessons through the Handmade Music School, and will be instructing during Old Time Week at Swannanoa Gathering 2024 (July 22-26).


Gina dances with Jason Dilg on banjo.

Contest dancing at Clifftop Stringband Festival.

Gina dances with Ben on banjo at a Becky Hill & Ben Nelson house concert

Contest dancing at Mt. Airy Fiddler's Convention


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